Delegation of Authority

Competent Consulting

Successful organizations and their management have a very high quality and speed in their decisions, an effective and efficient implementation (systems and processes) and effective controlling. They are focused on the core business and fulfill all relevant laws, contracts, guidelines and standards. They focus on key decisions and establish departmental responsibilities and individual accountabilities. Only selected and qualified employees make decisions!
Structured delegation allows for orderly disclosure / decentralization of decision rights. Not knowing who can actually make a decision causes an uncertain legal position and unnecessary costs: whether through time-consuming search, duplicate or counterproductive work or the blockade to act at all.
We assist you in developing your delegation of authority framework:
• the management framework, including clear departmental responsibilities (the mandate);
• the 'Delegation of Authority Policy', including a corporate governance structure;
• the decision-making matrix, its definition and documentation;
• an audit report (ISO 9001): status quo report and suggestions for improvement; and
• a communication and change management strategy, if required.
Important is, that your delegation of authority framework is ​​interlocked with your decision-making model and your signature authorities.