Delegation of Authority

Clear Accountabilities & Decision Rights = Improved Performance

Task & Responsibility Team & Competence Motivation & Success


The first step towards organising a company is to create departments and assign the relevant corporate obligations to them. To fulfil these obligations, clear accountabilities and decision-making authorities need to be agreed. Delegation from one person to another forms part of the organisational duties of executive bodies. Comprehensive but straightforward delegation of authorities is vital to the governance, control and success of any bus

Our LEAD delegation of authority software is a professional, automated intranet solution, providing a powerful tool enabling responsibilities and decision-making powers to be made transparent and clear. LEAD software offers an easy to implement, intuitive operation; a graphical representation of the authority structure; a central location for the authority framework; a powerful search function; document upload; authority statements for individual employees, and an integrated audit trail.Delegations are made clear, accessible and easy to understand. LEAD replaces inconsistent records (e.g. in Excel or Word) in different places with a single, fully automated central database.

LEAD delegation software provides vital support for achieving your business strategy. Your employees will be confident that they are acting within their decision-making framework and thus making a significant contribution to the company's success. As well as enabling your company to fulfil its ISO quality requirements, LEAD is an essential component for auditing and supports legal issues in internal and external relations

In addition to providing LEAD software, we can help our clients to define their accountabilities and decision-making powers.