LEAD: System-Integration / Industry 4.0

Reduce Administrative work and avoid errors

LEAD automates your process of documenting delegated authorities. Of course, LEAD can be used as a stand-alone application. However, the greatest benefit you get when LEAD is linked up with all the relevant IT systems in your company. Data is sent from the HR system to LEAD and processed there. In a second step, LEAD provides financial decision-making data to relevant transaction systems. This is the optimal process to keep administrative work to a minimum and avoid unnecessary mistakes! Both reduce your costs and allow your staff to take care of the important things. Therefore, LEAD is installed on your servers, so that no security gaps arise during data transfer.
LEAD is multilingual and offers in addition to responsive design the following technical features:

Secure location: Delegation of Authority data are sensitive business data and belong within your IT firewalls. This reducess also data protection issues. Hence, LEAD will be installed on your premises within your IT landscape (LEAD is not a Cloud Solution!)  

Customization: Technical and user requirements differ from company to company. LEAD can be customized to meet your specific requirements (functionality and corporate identity).

Optimized workflow processes: To enable full IT system integration interfaces to / from other systems (SAP, HR) can be build to push and pull data:
  • Receiving HR data from relevant HR or intermediate systems; and
  • Feeding individual financial authority information (purchase-to-pay-process) into relevant transaction systems such as procurement systems, SAP and travel expense systems etc.
Operating system: LEAD only requires a typical standard operating environment such as Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 SP2 or higher, running IIS7+ and .NET 4.5, and a Microsoft® SQL Server 2014.

In case you want to build or to develop your own delegation of authority software, we offer Consulting services for any delegation of authority software.