RAPID® Decision Making Model

Make the right decisions using a decision matrix
Bain created RAPID® (registered trademark of Bain & Company, Inc.), a tool to clarify decision accountability, understanding who has responsibility and accountability of which parts of the decision. Not every decision, however, merits the level of effort and investment that goes into creating explicit RAPID roles. The RAPID framework for decision making is a process that is to be undertaken only when important decisions need to be made. Normally some type of threshold is established that will need to be crossed before the RAPID method is used.
RAPID® is an acronym for five roles that can exist within the decision-making process:

Recommend: Recommend a decision or action
Agree: Formally agree to a decision: Views must be reflected in final proposals
Perform: Be accountable for performing a decision once made
Input: Provide input to a recommendation: Views may or may not be reflected in final proposal
Decide: Make the decision: Commit the organization to action
Our software 'LEAD' offers you the following:
1. Documentation: Your RAPID® decision matrix is ​​available in a central overview (single source of truth) and always up-to-date.
2. Alignment: Your RAPID® decision matrix is ​​always in sync with your overall decision-making authorities of your enterprise.
3. Report: As an overview and as a Microsoft® Excel download, you receive your RAPID® decision matrix in one document.
4. Communication: You always have an up-to-date communication list of all authorized representatives at your disposal.
5. Process Optimization: Your RAPID® Decision Matrix defines the roles and responsibilities of key decision-making authorities, and facilitates and accelerates the entire decision-making process.
Together with you, we develop your decision-making matrix and our software 'LEAD' documents this in a legally compliant and audit-proof manner. Of course, the matrix of decision-making powers can also be documented by concepts other than Bain's.