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Competent consulting

Clear accountabilities and decision-making power

Successful companies establish crystal-clear accountabilities, tasks, decision-making-rights and responsibilities. The delegation of tasks and related responsibilities always starts at the management level and flows metered down into the organization. Only selected and qualified people make the important decisions! Thus it is set binding on who can make that decision, and who is not. There is only one valid documentation of decision-making rights (single source of truth) within the company.

We develop a 'Delegation of Authority Policy' and a matrix with all major accountabilities and decision-making rights for you.
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Intelligent Software

Single source of truth

Our legally-compliant and audit-proof LEAD software enables to delegate accountabilities and decision-making power accurately. There is only one valid documentation of decision rights within the company! Thus, binding rules on who can make that decision, and who is not. This increases the speed of decision, reduces the risk of liability, supports the ISO certifications and quality management, and strengthens the controlling, auditing and governance. All this together creates a positive and trusting working culture.

You can choose between three different version of the software, which differ in technical requirements and the area of performance.

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