LEAD: Delegation of Authority Software

Delegation of Authority Software

Our LEAD software documents legally compliant and audit-proofed personal decision-making authority and signature authority, as well as the Bain's RAPID® matrix of decision-making responsibilities. LEAD replaces inconsistent records (e.g. in Excel or Word) in different places with a single, fully automated central database. LEAD is a key enabler for recording and cascading authorities, allowing decentralisation of the decision-making and providing also audit information. Delegated authorities are made accessible, transparent, clear and easy to understand, enabling your organisation to quickly find out who can decide what. It allows authorized individuals to view, search, add, edit authorities, and to run reports (determined by access level).
LEAD offers the following key features:
Single source of truth: LEAD hosts your delegation of authority framework (financial and non-financial), relevant policies and documents, individual authority records, signature authorities, and the decision-making model of your organization.

Transparency: LEAD displays delegated authority in a clear view per person, as a team view, or as a company overview, of course also in Excel.

Delegation Chart: It displays the structure and complexity of your organization and how delegated authorities flows from the top down into your organization.

Audit trail: LEAD keeps an automatic record of any historic delegation and all changes made, providing control information who made the changes and when;

Lean Administration: Execution and communication of changes of authorities in real time with a click of a button or by using the current communication lists.

Easy to use: LEAD presents all authority information in a very structured way and offers an intuitive operation. LEAD can be used without any training. 

In case you want to build or to develop your own delegation of authority software, we offer Consulting services for any delegation of authority software.