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   Thorsten Sabrautzky


   Accountabilities, delegation of Authority and decision-making accountabilities


  • Strategy development and its implementation; restructuring and sales optimisation, including key performance indicators for monitoring;
  • Determining and implementing decision-making accountabilities (delegation of authority) and legal entity structures, including intelligent software solutions.


   Qualifications: Executive MBA; 25+ years in international business and expertise in the field of delegation of authority since






  Lawyer Sven Kröber


   Legal organisational obligations

  • Duties of the managing director outside the legal definition of their position as stated in their contract of employment;
  • Breach of duty and the liability of the company and of the managing director.


   Qualification: Lawyer / specialist lawyer in IT law






   Lawyer Katrin Mülders


   Legally-compliant delegation


  • Organisational/departmental responsibilities and their legal consequences; liability for external relations; German labour law within a company;
  • Legal obligations to document job descriptions, agree objectives, delegate authorities and review performance


   Qualification: Lawyer / specialist lawyer in banking and capital market law




   Eva-Maria Jauer


   Improved performance through high-quality leadership


  • Professional advice and deivery in change management projects and organizational development;
  • Targeted personnel development and selection, as well as individual and situational team and personal coaching                                                                                                            

   Qualifications: M.Sc. Business Psychology & Change Manangement; 25+ years with international multicultural